BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft is one of the leading Hungarian specialists for recycling and disposal. The company, founded in 2000, is part of the German BÜCHL group of companies based in Ingolstadt / Bavaria. The BÜCHL group of companies is owner-managed and has been providing innovations and new ideas for waste disposal, recycling, environmental protection, planning and consulting for almost 70 years.

BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft specialises in the disposal of waste of industrial and commercial companies in Hungary, especially in the automotive industry. BÜCHL HUNGARIA operates a series of plants for the treatment of hazardous waste from production plants and offers a very wide range of services in Hungary with approx. 300 employees, 10 recycling plants and almost 40 vehicles. Since 2020, the future issues of digitalisation, sustainability and the associated increase in efficiency have also been at the centre of corporate activities and investments.


BÜCHL is a high-performing, medium-sized group of companies with more than 500 employees at locations in Ingolstadt, Stammham, Neuburg an der Donau, Großmehring and internationally in Györ (Hungary). BÜCHL transports, treats and recycles more than 600,000 tons of waste every year.







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Mr Sandor Gyökeres has been the manager at BÜCHL HUNGARIA kft. since the start of 2021. Sandor Gyökeres is a long-standing operations manager at BÜCHL with a comprehensive knowledge of internal operational processes, he knows the waste industry very well and is familiar with the complex requirements of the customers. Mr Gyökeres is managing the company in agreement with Büchl, the company owner family.

Tamás Lövész is the deputy manager and has been in a managerial position at BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft for many years .

Mr Arpad Gömöry, who has worked for almost 20 years as the BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft manager retired at the end of 2020, he is however remaining with the BÜCHL Group as a consultant.


For BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft, sustainability has been a central element of the company’s philosophy since it was founded. BÜCHL HUNGARIA was the first waste disposal company in Hungary to introduce an environmental management system in 2007 in accordance with the international EMAS standard, which it has since repeatedly certified. Sustainability activities have been coordinated throughout the BÜCHL Group since 2019. To the sustainability report

In addition to commitments in the areas of sport, culture, social affairs and science, sustainable activities mainly include supporting the region and promoting equal opportunities and employee qualifications

Current sustainability activities

Children’s party at BÜCHL

BÜCHL had organised a party for the youngest among us – and not only for the many children of the BÜCHL employees. The children really enjoyed the refuse lorry, a fire drill and a competition on environmental protection and waste issues.

15. June 2019

Hiking and fundraising

BÜCHL employees also launched a special hike at a national event in Györujbarat since the participation fee was donated to a good cause – for a group of autistic and blind people in Mindszentpuszta.

21 September 2019

Long-term activities

BÜCHL is a member of KÖVET

BÜCHL HUNGARIA became a member of KÖVET in 2003, a business association for sustainable management. KÖVET was founded in 1995 as an association for environmentally conscious management and has been a member of the Global Footprint Network, a partner of GRI, since 2007. In October 2008, BÜCHL HUNGARIA, together with AUDI Györ, received from KÖVET an award for the construction of a briquetting system for grinding sludge. In May 2017, BÜCHL again won an award, together with AUDI, for the newly erected BC splitting plant. As part of the Window Throw Money (ABP) programme, the KÖVET association collects projects and investments that are equally beneficial for the environment and the economy, thereby demonstrating that environmental protection expenditures are financially sustainable and, at the same time, can bring economic benefits to environmentally conscious companies. The KÖVET experts evaluate the project applications on site and an independent professional jury decides on the award. The specially designed prize symbolises the particularly “high-hanging fruit”.

Since 2003

PET cup waste monitoring

BÜCHL was already involved and was supporting the PET Cup Waste Monitoring on the Tisza River long before plastics in the sea became a major topic in the media. With this project, waste monitoring and collection was carried out with a focus on PET bottles on the 80-km stretch of the Tisza between Szatmárcseke and Tiszaadony

May 2016

Treatment of floor cleaning water

BÜCHL HUNGARIA has started up a plant for the special treatment of floor cleaning water at the Audi plant in Győr. With a new splitting technology, the contaminated cleaning water from the various sweepers is evaporated in the factory halls and the water is recovered for further cleaning purposes. Apart from the small proportion of impurities, the water can be fully used in the circuit and thus the proportion of waste water to be discharged can be greatly reduced. The project was discontinued at the end of 2018 due to new technical solutions.

November 2012

Insights for children into the recycling industry

In June, schoolchildren from the Arany János primary school in Györ were hosted at our premises and BÜCHL employees gave a playful insight into the world of environmental protection and waste treatment.

June 2018

Renovation of the Györújbarát children’s holiday camp

The three-year project to renovate the Győrújbarát children’s holiday camp was completed with the refurbishment of a total of 24 buildings. BÜCHL HUNGARIA was also among the supporters and was represented by the managing director Arpad Gömöry at the opening. BÜCHL made donations again in 2019.

April 2015

Szechenyi University – establishment of a partner professorship

At the end of 2010, Büchl Hungária Kft -and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the West Hungarian University in Györ signed an agreement to create a professorship for waste management and waste recycling. On the basis of these agreements, internships for students are created at the partner companies, and these are taken up time and again.

October 2010

Györ half-marathon

For many years, BÜCHL has been supporting the half marathon in Györ, which is now a fixed date in the regional sports calendar every year. The half-marathon, which BÜCHL has hosted and supported for 18 years (also held as a decathlon in 2009-2015) is a good opportunity to raise awareness of BÜCHL as a regional company. The photos show BÜCHL participants in years 2017 – 2019. As with the job, “an idea ahead”, the employees here were “always one step ahead”.

Since 2007

Football cup at the HOSZ waste association

The BÜCHL football team has been successfully participating in the Hungarian Waste Recycling Cup (HOSZ) for many years. With a tournament victory (2017) up to a good ranking, the BÜCHL team was always pleased with their performance. A very nice tradition and an alternative form of team-building.

Since 2016

Dragon boat festival and sponsoring

BÜCHL has been a sponsor of the Szigetköz Dragon Boat Festival since 2015. The proceeds from the Klmle Dragon Boat Festival go to children with life-threatening illnesses, either directly or through the Csodalámpa Foundation ( BÜCHL combines the donation with the participation of a team at the dragon boat exit. For all teams, participation is always linked to a donation for an organisation for disabled children.

Since 2015

Installation of photovoltaic systems in the production halls

When installing three photovoltaic systems, BÜCHL opted for renewable solar energy at an early stage. Solar cells were installed on two of the hall’s roofs with 75 kW on 480 m² and 99 kW on 610 m². A special innovation is the Smartflower POP, a small, fully automatic system for the optimal collection of solar energy, which generates 4000 kWh per year, which is clearly visible at the entrance area of the company premises.


Upgrading the production buildings’ energy systems

In 2013, BÜCHL made significant environmental investments at both company sites in Győr to run the buildings by replacing the gas heating with less expensive and renewable energy. For this purpose, a geothermal heating and cooling system, which produces hot water from renewable energy sources, was installed. In addition, the walls of the building in plant 2 and the roof structure were insulated, and modern windows and doors were installed in the new rooms, in which offices, changing rooms and social areas were created.


“The future begins in Györ” – BÜCHL supports alternative drives

For the Szechenyi race, which was held from 29 April to 1 May 2012, previously known as an alternative driving competition, BÜCHL supported one of the participants with the Pannon Korona cooperative. The race is named after the great Hungarian reformer Isztvan Szechenyi, after whom the University of Györ is also named. Pannon Korona started with two vehicles, the drives of which are quite alternative, as they are equipped with a bread-steam gas or pedal drive in addition to their electric drive. The competition’s slogan: “The future starts in Györ!”