BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft is a specialist in the recycling of industrial and commercial waste and operates numerous recycling plants at its two locations in Györ, where not only waste from the region but also from industrial companies and disposal companies from all over Hungary, are processed. Some recycling solutions are unique in Hungary, a result of constant innovations by the BÜCHL HUNGARIA team and close cooperation among the BÜCHL group of companies. With its own systems, BÜCHL can guarantee the highest possible recycling rate for industrial customers, ensure short transport routes and take over the production of quality-assured raw materials for a sustainable circular economy (closed loop).

BÜCHL HUNGARIA – recycling with ideas and innovations.


In Györ, BÜCHL operates, among other things, an evaporation plant for emulsions and washing lyes, a treatment plant for waste water from painting plants, a treatment plant for oily metal grinding sludge, a production plant for substitute fuels from non-hazardous and hazardous waste for the cement industry and an interim storage facility for hazardous waste. In addition, BÜCHL has a sorting system for mixed packaging and recyclables, a press shop for cardboard, textiles and foils, a compression system for packaging plastics such as polystyrene and foam foils, and a system for destroying data carriers. There are also covered handling and storage areas for almost all types of waste, as well as a tank farm.


BÜCHL is an important part of the networked recycling industry and produces various raw materials for the processing industry and the energy industry, not only in Hungary but also in neighbouring countries. Due to its many years of experience, BÜCHL HUNGARIA is a recognised supplier for other industries and helps to close loops and establish truly sustainable recycling solutions. Among other things, BÜCHL supplies metal shavings as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a wide variety of qualities, substitute fuels for the cement industry, processed plastics for recycling plants and quality-assured waste for special waste incineration. In addition, BÜCHL is a reliable supplier for sorted and compacted plastics for optimal transport, sorted packaging materials for material recycling (cardboard boxes, foils, waste wood) and for textiles and non-ferrous metals.

Waste Catalogue

BÜCHL HUNGARIA not only disposes of waste from its own customers but also waste delivered from other regions of Hungary. The extensive waste catalogue includes a large number of non-hazardous waste (including plastics, waste wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, foils, and cardboard boxes). BÜCHL HUNGARIA focuses on the receiving, storage and treatment of hazardous waste. This includes a wide range of oil-water emulsions, alkaline washing lyes, glycol-containing liquids from paint shops, oil-contaminated equipment and packaging, oil-containing grinding sludge and metal chips, as well as spray cans, HV batteries and non-inflated airbags. The extensive catalogue of permitted AVV numbers is available here for download.


The treatment of very specific waste from industrial customers is always a driving force for BÜCHL to look for new recycling solutions. The aim is to reduce costs, improve the recycling rate, shorten transport routes and increase safety. One of the special innovations in 2017 was the commissioning of a pilot plant for the treatment of paint-containing waste water from paint shops (known as rinse water or BC liquids). In 2019, ELOGplan GmbH, a member of the BÜCHL group of companies, developed a mobile container for the destruction of airbags, which will also be used by BÜCHL HUNGARIA in Hungary from 2020. With this container, modern technology enables waste producers to ensure that all airbags and other pyrotechnic systems are blown out of vehicles in accordance with the law and that the non-hazardous waste that is generated is sent directly to material recycling.