For BÜCHL, waste is the raw material of the future since the disposal and recycling of waste are an important element of sustainable and climate-friendly production. With its services, the technology used, its employees and new ideas, BÜCHL HUNGARIA has been helping its customers to reduce and separate waste as best as possible, increase the recycling rate and reduce costs, produce more sustainably and thus make a contribution to climate protection. BÜCHL has special know-how in the transport of liquid, hazardous waste.

BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft – waste disposal for a sustainable future.


BÜCHL HUNGARIA has almost 40 disposal vehicles for almost all logistical requirements of industrial and commercial customers. In addition to the numerous container vehicles, BÜCHL also uses various vehicles and structures for transporting liquid and hazardous waste, as well as refuse collection vehicles and forwarding vehicles. Well-trained and experienced drivers are familiar with the operational, spatial and waste-specific features of our customers. They also have the relevant training (e.g. ADR). Customer friendliness, safety, punctuality and trust are the guidelines for the drivers of BÜCHL HUNGARIA. Of course, for all disposal services, BÜCHL also supplies, depending on the customer’s requirements, extensive data on all services carried out, as well as the types and quantities of disposed waste.

Bins & Containers

BÜCHL HUNGARIA has a wide range of common container systems for collecting waste from industry and commerce. Press containers, screw presses, lifting and tilting devices and roller packers are used for large collection points. In addition to various drums, IBC and MGB 1100, special troughs with oil drain and mobile tanks are available for liquid and hazardous waste. The multifunctional containers (MFB) in sizes 1.5 cbm and 2.0 cbm, which are part of the ELOG SYSTEM®, are used especially for in-house disposal; they are compatible with MGB 1100 and can be transported by train or with a forklift and can be reloaded into press containers.via a classic lifting and tilting device. The experts at BÜCHL are happy to advise you on which container and compaction systems are best suited for the optimal collection of waste and for a minimised number of transports.


Based on the requirements of its industrial customers, BÜCHL HUNGARIA has repeatedly developed and successfully implemented new ideas for optimising waste disposal logistics. Version 4.0 of the ELOG SYSTEM®, a comprehensive complete solution for internal disposal, has been in use since 2016. In addition to innovative collection containers for disposal from the conveyor belt (MFB), special shuttles (Q-Frame) were also developed that enable safe separation of black and white areas in production. A specially developed control system (GYLOG 1.0) enables paperless and needs-based disposal of hundreds of containers. ELOGplan has also been providing the ELOG SYSTEM® on the market since 2019. Since 2018, the BÜCHL group of companies has been introducing the system for the digitalisation of waste disposal processes (CleverWaste®), which was largely developed in Hungary. With Clever Waste®, all processes, from container installation to commissioning for disposal, tracking of transport, weighing of waste to billing, complaints and documentation, can be fully implemented in digital form. The system will also be introduced in Hungary in 2020.

Other Service

BÜCHL HUNGARIA sees itself as a service provider who constantly meets new customer-specific requirements with flexibility and innovation. This includes, for example, the staff provision to implement the internal disposal processes, from forklift drivers and refuse collectors to dispatchers and waste experts. This means that waste is sorted even better and recorded according to need, which minimises costs and increases recycling rates. BÜCHL also builds and operates press and handling systems in the customer’s production facilities. With the ELOG SYSTEM®, not only waste can be disposed of but also internal supply tasks can be carried out, such as the transport of reusable cleaning systems or lubricants for production plants. With ELOGplan, the BÜCHL group of companies has an internationally active, specialised company for planning and optimising internal disposal processes.