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BÜCHL acquires TADAK-NETT: Another building block in the circular economy

With the acquisition of TADAK-NETT Kft., the BÜCHL Group is expanding its product portfolio – a further strategic step towards the future. TADAK-NETT Kft. is a family-owned company based in [...]

Reinhard Büchl is 75. – 75 years of innovation

Prof. Reinhard Büchl celebrated his 75th birthday on 25.09. Reinhard Büchl has developed the family business into a successful Group with new ideas, innovative projects, and vision for more than [...]

Büchl Hungaria official sponsor for UNI-GYŐRI ETO HC (Ice Hockey Team Győr)

Büchl Hungaria became the official sponsor for UNI-GYŐRI ETO HC. The Győr hockey team is playing in the Erste Liga for the first time this season. We are proud that [...]

EARTH WEEK 2021 – Audi visits Büchl Hungaria

Our chief partner Audi organized a visit to our location for its employees. Our Audi colleagues had the chance to look at the technologies and follow what happens with the [...]

Hike and donate

BÜCHL employees also went on a special hike at an interregional event in Györújbarát as the membership fee was donated to a good cause: for an autistic and blind group [...]

First climate expo in Győr – Büchl takes part

The first climate expo in Győr took place on 11.09.2021. Regional companies had the chance to present themselves and sensitize locals and partners about interesting environmental topics. We are proud [...]

Hazardous liquid waste – fleet expansion

Transport and handling of hazardous and liquid types of waste is one of the core businesses of BÜCHL HUNGARY. BÜCHL operates nationwide with own trucks and runs recycling plants for [...]

BÜCHL Hungaria Kft active for 20 years

BÜCHL HUNGARIA was founded in 2000 and is thus celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The Büchl family will continue to invest in the company in 2020 in order to [...]

Christmas – BÜCHL collects for Caritas

BÜCHL HUNGARIA employees organised a voluntary collection for the Catholic Caritas Győr to support disadvantaged families with toys, books, clothes and long-lasting food. BÜCHL is proud to have given more [...]

New emission standards – new vehicles

In November 2019, new lorries were purchased from BÜCHL to expand and upgrade the existing fleet of a current 35 lorries. BÜCHL customers expect not only punctual, efficient service but [...]

Sustainability at BÜCHL – with EMAS

After 12 years of EMAS certification, BÜCHL HUNGARIA was once again recognised by the Hungarian EMAS organisation as one of the first companies in Hungary to have undergone this certification. [...]

The BÜCHL Sustainability Report

The first sustainability report for the BÜCHL group of companies has been published, prepared according to the internationally recognised DNK criteria (German Sustainability Code). At the end of 2019, the [...]

Customer visit – transparency with

In July, 20 members of the AUDI Hungaria eco audit team learned about the recycling systems and internal waste collection, and discussed current priorities in the waste industry with BÜCHL, [...]

Accident-free driving – IRU honours BÜCHL drivers

A total of 8 BÜCHL lorry drivers were honoured by the IRU (International Road Transport Union) for 1 million kilometres each of accident-free and penalty-free driving. The IRU was founded [...]

BÜCHL – The Film

The services of BÜCHL Hungaria Kft and the entire group are briefly presented in the BÜCHL image film, and include some of the recycling facilities in Hungary and the ELOG […]

Services in Györ – BÜCHL becomes partner

The reconstruction of municipal services in the areas of supply and disposal has also led to changes in disposal at industrial companies for the municipal company Györ. To continue supporting [...]

Plastic – BÜCHL saves transportation

Büchl Hungaria has invested in an innovative compression technology that compresses bulky foam waste made of EPS (Styropor®) into easy-to-use blocks in an extremely economical way - and without re-expansion. [...]

Waste treatment for paint waste water

The newly installed paint waste water pre-treatment system went into continuous operation in 2016 following a development and pilot phase. The treatment plant separates the hazardous parts (paint particles and [...]

New location in east Hungary

BÜCHL HUNGARIA founds another location in Kőrösladány - to the south of Debrecen on the Romanian border - to better serve industrial customers. Logistic services and the handling of waste [...]

EMAS – BÜCHL is the first disposal company

In 2007, BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft was certified according to EMAS II (reg. no.: HU-00010). With this measure, BÜCHL has not only committed to do significantly more for the environment than [...]

BÜCHL plant 2 – new production site

BÜCHL started production at the new location in Győr Reptéri Utca 2. BÜCHL HUNGARIA gradually built various plants on this former industrial site for briquetting grinding sludge, processing alternative fuels, [...]

Presztizs environmental award for Büchl

The environmental award of the year 2005 was received on behalf of Büchl HUNGARIA Kft by manager Árpád Gömöry. "Always be one idea ahead of the others!” - that's the [...]

BÜCHL Hungaria Kft builds the first emulsion separation plant

State-of-the-art environmental protection and maximum safety: A dark brown, oily mixture is pumped from the tanker into the two-step evaporation system. In the first step, a large part of the [...]

Environmental management and quality – that’s what BÜCHL stands for

An integrated environmental and quality management system pursuant to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 was successfully implemented just one year after the company opened. BÜCHL HUNGARIA hereby consistently implements the [...]

ELOG SYSTEM awarded by VDI and introduced at AUDI

With the ELOG® system, the BÜCHL Group achieved second place at the Innovation Prize for Logistics of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) in 2000. The BÜCHL-ELOG® system was implemented [...]

Founding of BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft

For the new AUDI engine plant in Györ, the company BÜCHL Consult GmbH (Ingolstadt, Bavaria) took over the complete planning of the disposal processes in 1998/1999, based on a new [...]