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BÜCHL Hungaria Kft builds the first emulsion separation plant

State-of-the-art environmental protection and maximum safety: A dark brown, oily mixture is pumped from the tanker into the two-step evaporation system. In the first step, a large part of the water is evaporated; in the second step, the residual water and oil can be perfectly separated from one another in the evaporation process. Clear water, which complies with European environmental standards, flows under one of the sight glasses and, after regular analysis, can be fed directly into the sewage system. The oil emerging from the separation is captured, transported to a cement plant and used there as an energy-rich and quality-assured fuel. The plant was built with a capacity of 12,000 t/a and was expanded to approx. 35,000 t/a by 2019 (status 2019).

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Environmental management and quality – that’s what BÜCHL stands for

An integrated environmental and quality management system pursuant to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 was successfully implemented just one year after the company opened.

BÜCHL HUNGARIA hereby consistently implements the corporate philosophy of the Büchl family of entrepreneurs – the highest technical standards, modern recycling technologies, the realisation of new ideas and safe operational processes at all times – for the benefit of customers and for the development of a modern recycling economy.

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ELOG SYSTEM awarded by VDI and introduced at AUDI

With the ELOG® system, the BÜCHL Group achieved second place at the Innovation Prize for Logistics of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) in 2000. The BÜCHL-ELOG® system was implemented for the first time at AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. The disposal of all solid and liquid waste from the Győr plant, as well as the supply of selected equipment, is handled by the logistics system which is operated by BÜCHL. Over 20 years, the ELOG SYSTEM® has been continuously technically developed and also modernised in the area of ​​control and data capture. Version 4.0 has been offered by ELOGplan GmbH since 2018.

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Founding of BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft

For the new AUDI engine plant in Györ, the company BÜCHL Consult GmbH (Ingolstadt, Bavaria) took over the complete planning of the disposal processes in 1998/1999, based on a new approach of recording production waste in line with requirements and continuously recording all waste data in the individual production areas. On this basis, the BÜCHL group of companies was later commissioned to dispose of the plant in Györ, it founded BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft in August 2000 and, for this purpose, set up a new site in Györ in 2001.

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